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Introduction Tidyland has engaged in industrial flue gas treatment for nearly 20 years, with rich project operation experience and mature professional technical team. In 2014, it developed an integrated technology of ceramic catalytic filtration technology for flue gas multiple pollutants collaborative treatment for industrial kilns, we can provide professional technical consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and installation, turnkey engineering, operation and maintenance as well as turnkey projects.


Ceramic fiber catalytic filter tube
Ceramic filter tube base material is ceramic fiber, using vacuum integrated forming technology made of tubular filter material, it can remove particulte materiasl in flue gas with high efficiency; At the same time, the ceramic fiber tube can also be used as a catalyst carrier by evenly distributing nano-sized catalyst particles in the tube body, to achieve collaborative treatment of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, which is the core parts of the equipment using ceramic catalytic filtration technology for flue gas multi-pollutant collaborative removal.
Ceramic fiber catalytic filtration equipment
This integrated flue gas pollution control equipment can realize multi-pollutant removal in one unit by using cearmic catalytic filter as core part. High-temperature flue gas enters into flue duct and mixes with SOx sorbent and ammonia, then enters into reactor for SOx pre-treatment.Adoption of high temperature dry SOx removal processing,greatly improves SOx removal efficiency and sorbent utilization. After SOx pre-treatment, flue gas enters into ceramic catalytic filter, when passing through dust cake layer deposited on outer surface of filter elements, residual SOx is removed, particulates are filtered by dust cake and filter elements, as this, PM is removed from flue gas, and catalyst is prevented from hazards chemicals to avoid being deactivated due to poison and blind.After SOx and PM removal, flue gas passes through filter element body, mixture of NOx and ammonia can contact nano size catalyst distributed in filter body completely,NOx removal efficiency is maximum optimized.

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