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Products Dust removal
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
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Introduction Founded in 1994, Megaunity Environmental is a national high-tech enterprise, provides high quality industrial plant air treatment system solutions for customers. Relying on overseas advanced technology and self-developed know-hows, Megaunity provides the environmental protection equipment and system solution for soot purification, oil mist treatment, VOCs treatment and ventilation. Megaunity has become an excellent partner of large-scale enterprises, and provides services for well-known enterprises in automobile, machine tool, fine chemical, lithium electricity and other industries.


Mobile Welding Soot Purifier

The mobile welding soot purifier is an industrial environmental protection device specially developed for the treatment of soot,dust and toxic gases during welding operations. It is an energy-saving,environmentally friendly and economical welding soot purifier applicable to local welding soot treatment, to make it move more conveniently and flexibly in different work locations.

Distributed Environmental Control System For High Smoke And Dust Space

Talland big smoke dust space distributed environmental control system, with air conditioning dusting machine as the core product,applies dust removal by ventilation + temperature and humidity control + cluster layout scheme to eficiently realize replacement filter type ventilation flowtype, with major advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high eficiency and flexible arangement.
condition filters arearanged in clusters in the large space to realize temperature and humidity adjustment and smoke purification.The installaion height ofreturn air inlet is 5.0-6.5 meters,and the intallation height ofairsupply outletis 1-2 meters.The installationin the aboveheight can beter purify and control temperature and humidity.The stand-alone takes the fan as the air power source,purifisby means of sedimentation and filtration,and then returns to the room after adjusting the temperature and humidity through the temperature and humidity controlunit.Air spply outletsare located at aheight of1-2mabovethe ground,directly providingfresh air for personnel after purification.stand-alone has self-cleaning system and dust collecting device,which can be feefrom maintenance for along time; With theadvanced mobile control terminal,theremote controlof stand-alone or cluster system canbe realized.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Of Waste Gas (Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry)
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Of Waste Gas
Three-chamber RTO purification efficiency is above 99.5%.

When the concentration of waste gas is above 3g/Nm³,new standard maybe considered;upon enhancement of sealing property and up grading of temperature resistant design of the system, the purification efficiency can reach 99.8%.

The porcelainheat accumulator resistant against silicon dioxidescaling is able to dampen negative impact of organic siliconin the coating industry.

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