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Introduction Zhejiang Longyuan Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic source environment to provide filter press filter system integration services for manufacturers and service providers, the implementation of "large-scale, automation, specialization, systematic" technology innovation strategy, the company collection of material and filtration technology research and development, control system design, filter press production, installation and commissioning services in one, for the relevant industry clients to provide professional filter system overall solution.


Fully Automatic Quick Opening Filter Press
This filter press is specially designed for rapid separation of solid and liquid, greatly shortening the use time.
Fully automatic operation reduces the need for manual intervention, not only saving labor costs, but also minimizing human error, ensuring consistent operation and results, and significantly reducing the risk of accidents.
Automated designs use fewer moving parts and experience less wear, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and longer service life.
The filtration process is precisely tuned so it can be optimized for specific materials and conditions.
Vibrating Filter Press With Extendable Cloth Mechanism
For filter cake with high viscosity and large specific gravity, the bending, tensioning and vibrating device can greatly improve the cake removal rate.
It can be configured with PLC control system and human-machine interface, which is simple to operate and has a high degree of automation.
Due to the high viscosity of some materials, the filter cake is difficult to peel off. the bending, tensioning and vibrating device can change the inclination angle of the filter cloth during the operation of the filter press to form an inverted v-shape. Meanwhile, the spring on the filter cloth shakes due to expansion and contraction, so that the filter cake falls off automatically.
The bent rod is made of reinforced polypropylene, light in weight, corrosion resistant, flexible and reliable in action, and easy to maintain.
Ultra-High Pressure Membrane Filter Press
The membrane squeeze plate is offered to suit up to 50 bar squeezing pressure. Due to additional liquid extraction during the squeeze cycle, a solid percentage increase. Filtration cycle time is reduced compared to the conventional recess chamber plate (Plate and Frame) filter press, resulting in benefits of membrane plates v/s chamber plates.
We have developed high pressure membrane filter press in order to carry out difficult filtration processes with ease. Extreme squeeze pressure is possible due to the combination of the special feed inlet design and selected special materials.
The membrane squeeze plate reduces the long packing cycle by introducing a squeeze medium into the center of the membrane squeeze plate. This allows the membranes to flex against the cake, compressing and packing it. Filtration cycles get shorter and dry solids are increased thereby reducing waste volume.
Automatic Washing Filter Press
The automatic water flushing device is usually composed of a motor, a compressed air system, and a cleaning system.
Compared with the traditional filter press, the water flushing filter press has the advantages of longer service life, better stability, wider universality, better dewatering effect, fully automatic operation and easy operation. These advantages make it more widely used in the field of solid-liquid separation, and can improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.
Mobile Platform Filter Press
The design concept of the mobile platform filter press focuses on its integrated and modular structure. This structural design makes the mobile platform filter press a compact, easy-to-handle unit without complex on-site assembly or special transportation requirements. In this way, this filter press can be quickly transported to the site and put into use immediately in emergencies or temporary projects, including remote areas, temporary construction sites or frequently changing operating environments, greatly shortening the project start-up time and saving time and costs.
The automation system for mobile platform filter presses is one of its core competencies and often includes advanced control and monitoring technology. It reduces the need for manual intervention and makes the operation process simpler and more intuitive, allowing even non-experts to easily manage and operate the equipment. This optimizes the filter press process and improves production efficiency while ensuring consistent processing quality.
Anti-Corrosion Filter Press
Plate & frame design;
Plate material is stainless steel. Normally material is SS304, and SS316 can be customized;
Can be used for food & beverage and pharmacy industry;
Comparing with multilayer filter, it has high filtering pressure to ensure lowest moisture;
Corrosion resistance.

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