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Treatment of sludge and residues
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Introduction Jiangsu SUQI Environmental Protection Equipment Co. , Ltd. is located in the ancient culture and modern civilization of the historical and cultural city 一 Yangzhou, convenient transportation, beautiful environment.
The main product line is: sludge dewatering and drying series, drying equipment series, evaporation equipment series, conveying equipment series. Prominent advantages of products are: stacked sludge dewatering machine, hollow blade dryer, vibration fluid bed dryer, multi-effect vacuum evaporator.


Sludge Dewatering Series
The laminated screw sludge dewaterer integrates automatic PLC control cabinet, sludge concentrating and dewatering body and flocculation box. It can realize efficient flocculation under the condition of full automatic operation, continuously complete sludge concentrating and pressing dewatering, return or discharge the collected filtrate, and discharge the dewatered sludge.
The main body of the laminated screw sludge dewaterer is composed of multiple fixed rings, washers and swimming rings. The helical shaft runs through the filter to form a filtering device. The front section is the concentrated part, and the back section is the dewatering part. The sludge is concentrated and pressed together to complete dewatering. The unique and subtle filter structure replaces the traditional filter distribution and centrifugal filtration. Way.
Hollow blade dryer
The hollow paddle dryer is a horizontal agitating dryer with conduction-oriented. Because the inner hollow mixing blade is shaped like a boat paddle, it is called a hollow paddle dryer. The main structure is a W-shaped shell with a jacket, which is equipped with a pair of hollow low-speed rotating hollow shafts. A number of stirring blades, jackets and hollow stirring blades are welded on the shaft, and a heat carrier is passed through them. Two heating surfaces At the same time, the material is heated. Wedge-shaped hollow blades are densely arranged on the hollow shaft, and the heat medium flows through the blades through the hollow shaft. The heat transfer area in the unit effective volume is large, and the temperature of the heating medium ranges from -40 to 320° C. It can be steam or liquid: such as hot water, heat transfer oil, etc. Indirect conduction heating does not carry air to take away heat. The heat is used to heat the material, and the heat loss is only the heat dissipation to the environment through the insulation layer of the body. The heat transfer surface of the wedge-shaped blade has a self-cleaning function, and the relative movement of the material particles and the wedge-shaped surface produces a scrubbing effect, which can wash off the attached material on the wedge-shaped surface, so that a clean heat transfer surface is always maintained during movement. It is suitable for drying granular and powder materials, and can also dry paste materials smoothly. (Among the industries for sludge drying are: printing and dyeing, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, biological, electroplating, thermal power, chemical and sewage treatment plants. Generally, the sludge is dewatered (initial moisture is 60%-90%), and the final moisture after drying It is 10%—40%, and the general sludge requirement is about 30%. The dry sludge can be mixed with pulverized coal and then directly burned in the boiler. The calorific value of the sludge is about 1500-2000kcal, which can be used and saved. Energy, some sludge can also be dried into fertilizer and building materials, or directly landfilled will not cause secondary pollution, turn waste into treasure, and fully meet environmental protection requirements)
Automatic Dosing Machine
It integrates automatic batching, dissolving and adding, fully automatic operation, high-precision transportation of dry speculation and ingenious design of heating device, which can reduce caking (granulation) phenomenon, adjust dry powder and water intake, prepare any concentration of liquid medicine, and fully automatic operation of equipment.
Vacuum rake drying has simple structure, convenient operation, long service life, stable and reliable performance, small steam consumption, strong application performance, and good product quality. It is especially suitable for pastes that are not resistant to high temperature, flammable, and easy to oxidize under temperature control. For the drying of materials, the machine has been proved to be a good drying equipment after long-term use by users.
Conveyor is in a certain line of continuous transmission of material handling machinery, also known as continuous conveyor. Conveyor can be carried out horizontal, inclined and vertical transmission, but also can form a space transmission line, the transmission line is generally fixed. Conveyor conveying capacity, long distance, but also in the conveying process can be completed at the same time a number of technological operations, so it is widely used.
Bucket elevator
Z-type bucket elevator, also known as Z-type elevator, Z-type feeding machine, Z-type conveyor, which has a large transport, high elevation, smooth operation, long life and so on. The elevator can realize multi-point discharge, reduce the rate of material damage, suitable for conveying granular, powdery and small chunks of non-viscous materials mainly.

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