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Introduction Mihana Kyoritsu is a subsidiary of Mihana Corporation, which is a professional "recycling solution provider" in Japan.Based on the technology and application foundation of half a century, the company has developed a food residue recycling treatment system, which was awarded the Japanese "Environment Minister Award for Promoting Food Waste Recycling" in 2008.This system has 26 patents, 6 international patents.The company is Japan Steel, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Mitsui, Itochu and other large contractors designated service providers.


Crusher & Sorter
Applicable for food waste wrapped in bags. Crusher & Sorter crushes the bags and then uses high- speed centrifugal force to separate the materials like plastics, metals and ceramics, which then comes out from dry waste exit. Food waste is liquified and goes into wet waste tank for next process.
1.Safe: Compared to manual separation, it avoids possible harm to human health like cuts, scratches and stink;
2.Convenient: no manual removal of the bags;
3: Efficient: Separation rate is leading the market at more than 95%.
Drying treatment system
Drying treatment system, integrated air and water purification function.Separated and liquified waste goes into dryer for 130℃ steaming which kills bacteria and purifies the waste. The dried organic matters come out of the exit in powder and measures 1/6 of the size of raw materials. It can be made into organic fertilizer and feeds.Advantages:
1.Advanced technology: indirect high-temperature heating preserves the organic matters and ensures reuse value of the products. Negative-pressure dryer avoids secondary pollution;
2.Stability: non-stick, no agglomeration and evenly heating characteristics ensure its constant and stable running;
3.Smart operation: operators can monitor all indicators and adjust moisture content, drying time and processing time by changing the settings.
The odor and vapor generated is cycle treated in deodorizer and emitted at a low temperature. The emission complies with Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard and Integrated Emission Standard Of Air Pollutants.

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