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Introduction Jiangsu KINTEP Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.was founded in 2011.We devote ourselves to sludge dewatering market,and has a perfect product planning, research and development, experiment, testing, quality control system, and maintain a good cooperative relationship with universitiesis,improve product development,to ensure the leading position of products and services.


Screw sludge dewatering machine
This equipment is mainly used for sludge dewatering,reduce the moisture to below 75%-85%,the screw sludge dewatering machine is integrating with auto-control cabinet, sludge thickening & dewatering body liquid collection tank. Therefore, the high efficiency flocculation, continuous sludge concentration, dewatering and filtrate collection can be automatically completed all-in-one, the collected liquid will be reflux or emissions finally.
It‘s widely used in municipal wastewater,aquaculture wastewater,chemical wastewater,food and beverage processing wastewater,industrial production wastewater,papermaking wastewater,river dredging wastewater,petroleum processing and mining wastewater,etc.
Dense belt sludge deep dewatering machine
By chemical modified conditioning treatment of sludge moisture with 80%, then dewater in high pressure, reduce the moisture to below 60%, the sludge goes through by two tension filter upper and down, it dewaters rely on the tension of the filters itself and pressure between them, then obtain high solid content mud cake, so to realize sludge dewatering.
Full automatic ultra-high pressure chamber filter press system
Split structure, users can choose sedimentation and filtration according to their needs.Full automation,energy-saving,fast and efficient.Inorganic mud: 1 square filter area, can get 1.5 square mud cake in 24 hours,organic or other mixed sludge: 1 square filter area, can get about 700L mud cake in 24 hours.
Integrated automatic dosing device
Powder medicament in hopper can convey by quantitative feeding device, mixing with water,then enter into solution tank, mixed liquor become uniform concentrate solution by mutistage agitation, finally enter into deposit box, adding to dosing point by metering pump.
Modular low temperature drying
River dredging system

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