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Country China
Products Protection, development and maintenance of water bodies
Flood and coastal protection
Hall E3
Booth K41
Introduction Wasch Environmental Engineering is a professional system integrator dedicated to urban Storm control and municipal drainage system optimization. The company has been continuously cultivating and accumulating experience in the field of water environment, and has become an expert in the field of "Sponge City" and "Black and Odorous" water treatment; it has been persistently developing and introducing advanced technologies to meet the complex environmental challenges in today's China. Wasch also has carried out close cooperation with top design institutes, enginnering companies, etc.


Storm Screen,Type SAS
Screening of combined sewer overflow (CSO). It is designed to prevent the discharge of floating, suspended, non-biodegradable, and solid material. Any material greater than 6 mm in two directions is screened from the incoming flow without disturbing the discharge process.
When wastewater flows into the storage system under storm conditions flow passes through the Alpheus but due to the higher volume, the level in the chamber rises. As the float rises it causes the orifice plate to lower over the outlet thereby reducing the cross sectional area. Installed in front of the discharge orifice of a sewerage system in a wet chamber installation, the designed discharge rate is accurately controlled - irrespective of the water level in the tank.
Vaccum Flushing System,Type MF
Flushing storm water, surface water, combined sewage/storm, raw sewage storage tanks & channel.
Lamelle baffle,Type LTW-T and LTW-S
A lamella-like arrangement of baffle plates prevents the discharge of solid matter over the threshold. A hydraulically specified arrangement and inclination of lamellas shaped specifically for this purpose ensures that floating matter is retained efficiently.
Grit Trap,Type Gesmo
Selective retention and removal of debris and grit by aeration a system from channels where combined sewage and storm water. Protection of sewage treatment facilities, pumping and screening stations, as well as throttling devices. By periodic draining and emptying smooth system operation can be maintained.
Installed in front of the overflow orifice. It ensures the lowest possible opening pressure whilst maintaining the best possible seal against backflow.
shaft cover
watertight pressure door

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