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Country Finland
Products Refuse collection and transport
Refuse treatment and recycling
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Introduction TELELIFT ECOSIR, founded in 1986, is an experienced service provider with Finnish technology specializing in the intelligent collection of municipal waste, renewable resources and dirty clothing, service areas include housing, hotels, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, tourist attractions, parks, etc., Our business covers more than 30 countries and regions , the stability and advancement of technology has won the group the installation and service of more than 1100 product systems in the global market.


Pipe Waste Collection System
Citymaster Pipe Waste Collection System, through the closed pipe network to achieve the classification of municipal solid waste delivery, garbage at a speed of 70-100 km/h to the distant stations and centralized collection. One-stop zero-pollution efficient collection method, intelligent operation and control mode, can provide strong support for the construction of environmental sanitation in large residential areas, office buildings, hotel buildings, large shopping malls, tourist attractions and other areas, in line with the government's strategic goal of advocating the construction of an eco-friendly city.
Automatic Food Waste System
Automatic Food Waste System, with negative pressure gas as the power source of transmission, puts the kitchen waste from the special outlet, and delivers it to the kitchen waste collection station through the stainless steel pipeline with different distances. The gas is separated from the kitchen waste through the relevant equipment, and the kitchen waste is sent to the storage tank of the collection station.Multi-point delivery, single-point centralized collection, one-stop zero-pollution efficient collection method, intelligent operation control, can provide hotels, hospitals, large shopping malls, urban complex and other places with convenient and healthy new mode of kitchen waste collection.

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